7 Care Tips to Help Prepare Your Roses For Winter

1. Understand Your Origins

Before planting a rose bush, cut all branches to around 15cm to ensure that the plant focuses its energy on developing a healthy root system.

2. Be discerning

Roses are classified into several types based on their development, size, and color. While you may be tempted to cover your entire garden in roses. 

3. The location

Roses prefer direct sunshine, although they can survive with as little as 4 hours per day. 

4. Time it Right

Roses are best planted in the spring on a calm, gloomy day. Planting roses on a hot, sunny day or during a summer heatwave might create stress. 

5. Go Deep

The size of the hole you plant your rose in is critical to establishing a healthy root system. When planting a Rosebush, dig a much larger hole than you think you need. 

6. Nutrients are essential

A rose shrub must be fed regularly to produce an attractive display of flowers. 

7. Use water wisely

Soak newly planted roses immediately after they are planted. In dry summer conditions, water the entire root zone twice a week. 

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