How To Make Your Room Look Expensive

How To Make Your Room Look Expensive: 7 Secret Ideas

If you want to know how to make your room look expensive, then you have come to the right place. On the other hand, If you’ve ever wondered, ‘How can I make my bedroom look expensive?’ this post is for you. Think twice before investing in designer décor because spending a small fortune on furniture does not always guarantee a bold, beautiful, and bodacious look.

Bedroom makeovers don’t always have to be grand or costly affairs. Instead, they can be gradually curated through minimal updates that don’t break the bank while still leaving your space feeling luxurious. All your bedroom requires are thoughtful details to achieve the five-star status you’ve always desired.

Some of our favorite interior designers share their bedroom ideas on a budget, as well as advice and expertise on making a bedroom look expensive.

How To Make Your Room Look Expensive

While it is critical to set and stick to an interior design budget, it is also essential to create a bedroom that you will enjoy.

From clever mirror and paint tricks to wonderful ways with layering and art, our designers’ beautiful but economic decorating ideas will help you decorate a bedroom on a budget to create a luxury look for less.

How To Make Your Room Look Expensive: 7 Secret Ideas

Here in this section, we mention the top 7 secret ideas on how to make your room look expensive.:

1. Layer Pillows

If you only make one change to your bedroom, it should be the way you style your pillows. A thoughtful bed, according to the experts, it is always topped with a handful of precisely layered accent pillows.

Practical pillows, which you sleep on at night, should be propped against the bedhead, and decorative pillows should be arranged in height order. The color of the pillows should be the cherry on top of the sundae. “Select the accent colour from the overall colour scheme of the room” to make it the room’s focal point.

2. Improve Your Hardware

Consider hardware to be bedroom jewelry. A new set of knobs or pulls on, say, your nightstands or dresser can refresh the entire room in the same way that a large pair of earrings.

You can add a touch of luxury to your space by replacing standard hardware with something a little more visually exciting—from copper handles to crystal knobs and beyond. For affordable, stylish options, shop at Zara Home, World Market, and Amazon.

3. Texture is Important

A bedroom can feel more layered and visually rich by adding textural elements. To add some coziness, place a faux fur throw on a side chair or a sheepskin rug on the floor near the bed. 

Bring in rattan baskets and look for a creative woven light fixture if you want to achieve a boho-luxe look. Decorative pillows and blankets can also include pom poms and tassels. Your space will become more exciting and inviting through everything you do.

4. Design Your Nightstand

Don’t let your nightstand deteriorate into a junk drawer on display. Empty your drinking glasses regularly and remove hand creams and dogeared paperbacks from their surfaces. 

Make an extra effort to style your nightstand to make your room feel more opulent. Choose a cute lamp, add a plant, and consider hanging something small on the blank wall behind the tabletop.

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5. Replace Drapes

Expert says, “Ready-made window draperies hung on expandable rods instantly cheapen the look of a bedroom.” What is the solution? You can find drapery rods in various sizes that will perfectly fit your windows with a little searching and not much money, he claims.

When it comes to drapes, he notes that the most stylish rooms use a roller blackout shade that can be adjusted so that the drapes are never touched. 

Installing them “waterfall” style—that is, with the reverse roll so that the shade unrolls toward you rather than toward the window—just over your window frame will make them look more professional, he advises. Additionally, it enables you to maintain the drapery panels‘ constant positioning and desired styling.

6. Make a Multipurpose Area

Yes, the primary function of a bedroom is to provide a haven for sleep, but Expert believes that the best rooms are multifunctional. Rearranging furniture and introducing décor from other rooms in the house is a simple, low-cost way to update your space. 

The majority of one-pieces are ignored, according to him, such as adding a chair in coordinating fabric with a quirky throw pillow. “Even if your space is small, a small, cosy chair adds a sense of ampleness and escape to your room.”

If you have a statement chair in your living room that is rarely used, try moving it into your bedroom with a discreet side table to create a reading area.

7. Improve Your Mirror

If you’re still using the plain mirror you got in college, it’s time to upgrade. Consider an antique-inspired brass mirror or something curvy to open up the space. You can also find a model with a shelf, giving you some vertical storage space with your purchase.

Given how expensive mirrors can be, start your search on Craigslist, at a flea market, or at a garage sale. There are some fantastic used items available. For the best results, be as specific as you can with your search terms on online marketplaces. And keep in mind that you only need a can of paint to fix a shape if you like the shape but not the finish.

Conclusion (How To Make Your Room Look Expensive)

Expert advises looking further than traditional white sets if you want to take it further and invest in new sheets. It’s all about the mix, he says; bedrooms and bedding don’t have to be all white anymore. While much easier to maintain, shades of grey and taupe can look as elegant as all-white decor.

FAQs (How To Make Your Room Look Expensive)

Q1. How can I make my home feel luxurious?

Here are 8 things to add to your room to make it feel luxurious:

1. Bring a plant inside.
2. Include a mirror
3. Affix some wall decor.
4. Modify your lighting setup.
5. Rearrange the furniture arrangement.
6. Lay a rug out.
7. Dress up a surface.
8. Place a decorative pillow there.

Q2. What makes your home attractive?

Choose complementary colors, whether strong, soft, neutral, or serene. Take into consideration the furnishings, accessories, flooring, and wall decor. No matter the style or color scheme, everything should blend together to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

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