How to Make a Cozy Home

How to Make a Cozy Home: 7 Super-Secret Tips

If you are searching for how to make a cozy home, then your search ends here. Learn how to create a warm and cozy home, even if you’re a minimalist. You’ll find inventive, low-cost ideas for creating the ultimate cozy living atmosphere without bringing in too much “stuff.”

A cozy home is comfortable, welcoming, and warm.No matter what your personal design style or taste is, you can achieve a cozy aesthetic.

7 Super-Secret Tips: How to Make a Cozy Home

Here in this section, we mentioned the top 7 super secret tips on how to make a cozy home:

1. Start With Your Entrance

Because your entrance is the first thing that greets your guests, spend extra time decorating it. Add some lighting, art, or outdoor decoration to entice your guests. A “Welcome” sign or doormat is always a nice accent piece that extends a warm invitation to your guests. This is #1 tip on how to make a cozy home.

2. Bathroom Lighting That Is Comfortable

You can even warm up your bathroom by plugging in a cute low-wattage nightlight and leaving it on for most of the day.

This is especially useful in dark, windowless condo bathrooms such as mine.

I’ve been using this Scandinavian-style wax burner as a super cozy dim lamp in my bathroom lately.

You could also install a motion sensor light strip under your vanity to create a nice glow at your feet whenever you walk in at night! A low-cost but effective way to create a cozy bathroom! This is #2 tip on how to make a cozy home.

3. Smart Lighting

I’ve also slowly started filling my home with Philips Hue light bulbs; I love how you can change the color of each light bulb to match your mood.

I enjoy dimming the evening lights to a soft, warm orange. Or, when I’m watching a movie, I’ll use HueSynch for a full immersion experience!

Hue bulbs are dimmable and compatible with Google Home and Alexa, allowing you to control color, dimming, and turning them on and off with your voice!

Hue bulbs aren’t cheap, but they last a long time and are well worth the investment if you’re a lighting and smart home enthusiast like me. This is #3 tip on how to make a cozy home.

3. Use Rugs and Textiles to Warm Up Your Space

Layering a Moroccan or Persian-style rug on top of a jute or natural fiber rug looks stunning. Maximum coziness!

When the warmer seasons arrive, you can always remove the layers and store the warmer rugs until the following fall/winter. It’s also fun to change up the decor in this way.

Do you have rugs? So you’re already one step ahead in terms of coziness. Carpets provide insulation, softening, and warming to rooms.

However, if you have carpets, consider adding rugs to your home. If you want to, you can use rugs on top of the carpet.

On the other hand, if you are looking for living room rug ideas, you can check out this post. 

TIP If you can’t afford a large area rug, layer multiple smaller ones to create an even more inviting effect!

Just select a rug with a color scheme that complements your existing carpet. This is #4 tip on how to make a cozy home.

5. Make Space for New Flowers or Plants

Fresh flowers or plants are an excellent addition to any kitchen or bathroom! Pick out flowers that match the room you want them in and a nice vase to put them in at your local grocery store or farmers market. 

You don’t have a green thumb? Succulents provide the perfect green pop without requiring a green thumb! This is #5 tip on how to make a cozy home.

6. Get Cozy With Curtains

Do you use blinds or sheers? Try replacing your lighter-weight curtains with luxurious heavy drapes with thermal lining in the winter for extra coziness.

They will not only keep the heat in but also add softness and, you guessed it, coziness to the room.

The tasseled, macrame-style curtains shown above from Anthropologie are not lined, but they are lovely! This is #6 tip on how to make a cozy home.

7. Display artwork and mirrors

If you don’t have anything hanging on your walls and wonder why your space feels so empty, hang something!

It can be an incredibly striking design choice to leave an entire wall bare and feature only one piece of art. Make sure it’s intentional and not just because your wall art was an afterthought if you choose to go that route with your work, though.

If you cannot invest in original artwork, prints are always a good and (usually) cost-effective option. This is #7 tip on how to make a cozy home.

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner

This to-do list is ideal for keeping a messy house tidy until you have time to do a more thorough cleaning. They’ll make your house look and feel clean, as well as hopefully relieve some of your stress and overwhelm.

1. Make Your Own Bed

It sounds too simple, doesn’t it? Making your bed, on the other hand, sends a signal to yourself that you care about the appearance of your home. Begin here if your house is a shambles.


A made bed sets the tone for your room and, ultimately, your entire home. It will make you feel competent and deserving of a clean and tidy environment. As a result, you’ll be slightly more motivated to clean other areas of your house.

It also looks nice.

2. Clean the Counters

Food and water stains on kitchen and bathroom countertops make even the cleanest home appear and feel cluttered.

To keep your counters clean and sparkling, use a damp rag, Clorox wipes, or natural stone cleaner. This is typically easier after a drive-by decluttering session.

Spend a few extra minutes wiping down the other flat surfaces in your home if you’re in the cleaning mood. Consider tabletops, wood furniture tops, and so on. Getting rid of that extra layer of dust will be quick and well worth it!

3. Enhance the Smell

Even the messiest house will appear cleaner if it smells nice inside. Many associate pleasant fragrances with cleanliness, order, and well-organized people.

It stands to reason, then, that improving a home’s sensory environment (big words for “making it smell good”) will contribute to its overall sense of cleanliness and organization.

Use your favorite fragrance to improve the atmosphere of your home while also improving your mood! Light a candle, melt some scented wax, diffuse essential oils, or break out the Glade air freshener.

4. Vacuuming

Fresh vacuum lines on carpets have a way of making a house feel clean. Quickly sweep in high-traffic areas to help your home feel better quickly.

Don’t worry about vacuuming under the couch, curtains, or air vents. That is deep cleaning, and while it has its uses, it is not our goal today.

Vacuum the open areas and “traffic lanes” in your home where you walk the most, and your home will feel significantly cleaner.

If you have hard-surface flooring in your home, spot-clean it with a damp rag or floor cleaner.


Q1. What makes a house feel like a home?

Family photos, clean bed sheets, and a well-stocked refrigerator are just a few of the things that make a house feel like a home. A survey of 2,000 homeowners revealed what transforms four walls into a welcoming space, with their own bed topping the list for 65%.

Q2. What factors contribute to the coziness of a room?

Rugs, pillows, baskets, blankets, furniture, and more are available. Mixing a wood coffee table with a wicker basket, a few different texture pillows, some greenery, a chalkboard, and a cozy throw, for example, adds so much texture and warmth to the space.

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