Christmas Decorating Ideas Perfect for Minimalists

19+ Christmas Decorating Ideas Perfect for Minimalists

Here in this post, we mentioned 19+ Christmas decorating ideas perfect for minimalists. Consider becoming a minimalist if decorating for the holidays feels like an overwhelming burden on top of hosting family and guests, wrapping presents, and spreading Christmas pleasure. Minimalism refers to having less, higher-quality décor rather than none at all. (Added bonus: You’ll probably get a subtle Nordic vibe.)

Get inspired by some stunning minimalist decorating ideas that you can replicate in a single afternoon if you’re prepared to pare down your holiday decorations (while creating a gorgeous, festive space).

19+ Christmas Decorating Ideas Perfect for Minimalists

Here are more than 19 Christmas Decorating Ideas Perfect for Minimalists:

1. Use Lighting to Set the Mood

Utilize what you have by switching out cold light bulbs with brilliant white ones. Buy small string lights to illuminate a curtain or window from behind.

2. Elegant Centrepiece

Being straightforward but beautiful is key to minimalism. Use a natural garland or wreath as a table centerpiece, placing unscented candles in between.

3. Use Statement Pieces

Statement items may draw attention and unify a space. Instead of a tree covered in decorations or many strands of garland, choose something that catches your eye.

4. Simplify Your Tree

During the holidays, a tree frequently serves as the focal point of a house. To get the minimalist effect, you may keep the tree and add a few decorations or little lights.

5. Make Use of Soft Textures

Small ornaments have a big impact. Create a winter scene on a windowsill or tablescape with florals, miniature fir trees, and lights to spread holiday cheer throughout your home.

6. Small Accent Items

Soft textures are used in soft minimalism to produce a warm, inviting atmosphere. To make a cozy space, bring in soft blankets and other warm materials.

7. Less is More!

Ensure simplicity! Keep in mind that sometimes less is more. A home that isn’t overrun with Christmas decorations can stand out more if you choose one or two standout items.

8. Indoors and Outdoors

To create an attractive and casually fashionable atmosphere, include nature in your motif. The best method to draw attention to mantles or door frames is with a natural garland of pine cones and branches.

9. Neutral Colors

The core of minimalist styles is natural hues and neutral colors. Soft waves of comfort emanate from neutral colors. Metallic accents can be used to bring in Christmas’s natural colors.

10. Steer Clear of Tchotchkes

Stick to straightforward and organic displays of greenery, plants, fruits, and winter branches rather than going all out with ornaments, lights, and other trinkets.

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11. Go Bare

Put your attention solely on the necessities when creating a simple Christmas scene. This understated trio of Christmas trees from Finding Lovely has a few golden balls and basic white lights. 

Without all the extra trimming, the appearance is soothing and welcoming, especially when unsightly tree stands are covered in woven baskets.

12. Branches Everywhere

Any flat surface is ideal for adding greenery or garland. As Milk and Honey Life did, place foraged branches and pinecones on a shelf in the bathroom. You can also use your bookcases, mantel, sideboard, and console table as places to add some holiday cheer.

13. Rethink Your Wreath

This wreath by Valiance Home may not appear very minimalist at first look. However, think about the typical components of a holiday wreath: glass baubles, twisting ribbon, a faux snowfall, plastic snowflakes, twinkling lights, and a sizable bow. With added greenery and dried orange slices, this wreath takes a more understated, natural approach.

14. Put a Little Christmas Into Everything

Decorating your home for Christmas doesn’t have to seem stressful or dominating. Despite having only a garland, the kitchen window in Finding Lovely feels festive and upbeat. To add similar green accents to other large rectangular features (like headboards and bookcases), look at them.

15. Bring the Wreaths Indoors

These wreaths from Home and Spirit that hang from the walls are simple to make and look fantastic in any space. While any form of greenery will work to achieve this effect, dried flowers or traditional foliage (holly, eucalyptus, or pine) for a more festive appearance should be considered. 

Even while these wreaths are beautiful since they can be used all year long, they stand out when combined with other simple Christmas decorations.

16. Tie Up Packages with String

It’s time to concentrate on what’s underneath the minimalist Christmas tree once it’s been taken down. Twine and a little greenery are all needed to make this plain paper package look almost too pretty to open. A dried orange slice and an origami star will take it to the next level.

17. Starry Night

They are so understated that you hardly even notice their presence. You can quickly transform a space into a winter wonderland by taking a cue from Home and Spirit and hanging a few paper stars from the ceiling.

18. Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas taught us that a tree with few, sparse branches can still be lovely. Create your own Charlie Brown tree and place it in your home, either on the kitchen island as a focal point or in a corner that needs some cheer.

19. Bathe in a Forest

This bathroom by COTTAGE + SEA is still in full Christmas mode despite the absence of twinkling lights or Santa Claus. Put thin imitation trees all around your tub to get the same effect. 

Recreate the experience elsewhere, such as around your favorite reading chair, at the head of your bed, or next to your desk if you love being surrounded by a forest but don’t have the space near your tub. (Unable to locate trees thin enough? With the help of wire cutters, carefully cut the larger one’s ends to the desired size.

20. Go For Green Greenery

Have you noticed the shift toward greens yet? Avoid garlands adorned with ornaments, lights, scratchy, glossy ribbons, loud colors, and perhaps even faux birds. Like Finding Lovely, be a purist about your greenery and drape a straightforward garland around your banister, holding it in place with neutral-colored ribbons or fabric strips.


Q1. What is a minimalist Christmas tree?

A minimalist Christmas tree is less garishly decorated than a standard tree, which may be loaded with ornaments. This enables the eye to concentrate on the important details, including the tree’s design and the glittering lights.

Q2. What is an alternative to a Christmas tree?

The customary pine for a cactus is amusing, enjoyable, and oh so Instagram-worthy whether or not you’re spending the holidays in a desert. Real cactus may add a touch of oddity, or you can make your own with foam and garland. Put a traditional spin on it by decorating it with decorations, tinsel, and lights.

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